Payroll Services
for Tunisia

Our blend of software and services ensures client's receive a flexible response to their needs, both domestically and internationally.

End to end Payroll Cycle Management

 fiber_manual_record We automate and manage your complete payroll cycle. Payroll Module being a part of our unified system is built integrated with other modules. All HR transactions go straight to payroll so you can stop reconciling data or waiting for integrations to run.

 fiber_manual_record No matter how complex your payroll cycle is, we can activiate existing or customize modules in our platform to automate and auto-consolidate all payroll respective data for payroll processing.

 fiber_manual_record If there are any unavoidable manual bits left, our payroll accountants can also manage on your behalf.

 fiber_manual_record We are equally comfortable to provide payroll services if you already have HR System running. our IT team can quickly integrate with your systems so you keep benefiting from your existing investments and procedures.

Mature Process

Having mature and clearly defined processes means that we can be consistent, thorough, efficient and keep your costs down.


Keeping inview weekends & public holidays we draw an annual payroll calender with client & publish it online  ...

02Modular Data

If configured, payroll associated data in other modules is locked for payroll processing e.g. benefits, expense claims, loans, attendance etc  ...


If country tax regime allows tax reducers that can offset with payroll tax, employee's will submit online form by specified date  ...

04Master Data Updates

Updates either coming through interface with client's HR system, Promenics system or sent manually by client are locked  ...

05First Run

Payroll processed & after detailed review shared with client for comments  ...

06Second Run

If there are any late adjustment, errors or omission indentified in first run, 2nd run is initiated for rectifications  ...


Upon receiving client approval on payroll results, filling with Income Tax & other departments is executed ...


Depending upon arrangement, Promenics manages complete banking payment or provide bank upload file to client for payments to employee's & tax authorities  ...

09Payslips & Certificates

As soon as salary is credited, payslips or periodic certificates are issued online & employee's receive alerts  ...

10Accounting Journals

Promenics prepares journals as per client specification and provide upload file to client  ...

11Documents Management

Respective period payroll documents e.g. tax fillings, payment receipts, approved reports are uploaded online for future reference  ...

12Reporting (online & offline)

Promenics fully manage if client has any reporting requirements inaddition to our online system's Dashboards & standard reports  ...

Full legal compliance

Associated with Tunisia Payroll Services we provide all services related to FBR and EOBI compliance, including:

1. We manage all IRPP, CAVIS, CNSS, CNAS Patronale, Taxe Sur La Formation etc calculations as per the prevailing laws
2. We prepare and submit CAVIS, CNSS and IRPP Returns
3. We provide Year End Employee Certificates 'Certificat retenue à la source salaire'
4. Employees can submit Dependents data through self-service portal for the calculations of Tax Exemptions
5. We will provide all Employer level contributions
6. All payslips and certificates are provided in both French and English languages

Powerful Admin Module

Our system powerful Payroll Admin access provides you all your payroll related information just a click away.

Payroll Dashboard provides you all information required for instant analysis & decision making:
 fiber_manual_record Visual presentation of data for quick overview
 fiber_manual_record Comparative datasets for trend analysis with drill-down of each balance.

A centrailzed place for all payroll related documents in your easy access, including:
 fiber_manual_record Approved Payroll Reports
 fiber_manual_record Out of system calculations, working papers, spreadsheets etc
 fiber_manual_record Submitted returns and Statutory Fillings
 fiber_manual_record Proof of payment of taxes and other statutory dues
 fiber_manual_record Payslips, certificates and tax declaration of all employee's

Benefit from employee's self-service

Leverage our services and expertise to extend your own. Our administrative services leverage best-practice processes and innovative technology solutions that enable employee's, managers and HR professionals to acquire, develop, reward and manage their workforce effectively.

 fiber_manual_record Update Personal Information
 fiber_manual_record Download Payslips
 fiber_manual_record Payslip Details
 fiber_manual_record Salary Certificates
 fiber_manual_record Tax credit declarations

Support for additional bits

Implementation phase starts as soon as scope phase is successfully concluded. It commences by agreeing a project plan with client & publishing it online for better visibility and tracking. Implementation phase involves five major steps.

Accounting Journals

Prepartion and posting of payroll accounting journals in client's accounting system either:
 fiber_manual_record Through system specific upload file, or
 fiber_manual_record Direct postings into client's accounting system

Cost Centre Reporting

Further analyse payroll entries by cost centres and posting into accounting system for adequate cost centre reporting.

Project Costing

Segreggate payroll cost on the basis of projects' specific tasks and activities, so that health of projects can be annalyzed and appraised.

Analysis and Projections

Our team has capaibilty to provide analysis of payroll costs including future projections on the basis of suitable assumptions.


Banking of payroll related payments to employee's and tax authorities, either:
 fiber_manual_record By managing the banking portal through creation of payment batches to routing for approval, or
 fiber_manual_record Providing bank payment file to client to upload in banking system for payment processing

Process Excellence

Our Control Process Management approach ensures that every part of our services associated with payroll process are closely monitored and appraised. This enables us to continously improve our services as well as our Clients' Experience. All issues faced are deeply analysed and promptly resolved.

Tasks Tracking

All activities are assigned, updated, monitored, followed-up and appraised with our online Task Manager. Task Manager sends regular alerts and reminders to all stakeholders.


Our online tasks management system monitors KPIs, Status of activities, issues, resolutions. We publish a live status online and conduct regular meetings with client for feedback and improvements.

Support Centre

Our experienced Support Centre Team resolves all queries raised by HR Team, Managers or employee's. Our online Support Centre is equipped with all tools to serve you optimally.

Account Manager

We assign a Dedicated Account Manager to all our client's who will know every detail of your account and be able to respond directly to your every need.