Outsource complete or bits of your business processes

Are worried about the existing staff overheads or are looking to expand your staffing. And at the same time don’t afford to compromise the quality of work?

Are trying to find a creative solution, outsourcing your whole or bits of processes to Promenics may be the answer. Promenics experienced and reliable resource works as virtual extension of your office team and gives you instant efficiency & savings.

Send us Request for Proposal by filling our online form
We will share a detailed Proposal as well as provide an online demonstration around the potential process.
Our team will transit existing data, system access, prepare help files, process documentation etc.
We will start managing your process as an extension of your office team. Our team will target to meet all agreed KPIs and with your feedback & own observation will keep continously improve the process to increase efficiency & reduce associated costs.

Our Services

Our services include but not limited to following. Infact we strive to manage everything what your inhouse resource can in a better and cost efficient way.

We can flexibility deliver our services globally, that can meet the needs of small, medium, large or even multinational organizations. We are currently providing services in 20 countries around the globe.

 fiber_manual_record Manage business specific applications
 fiber_manual_record Spreadsheets/Excel Management
 fiber_manual_record Customer Support
 fiber_manual_record Sales Order Management
 fiber_manual_record Vendors Management
 fiber_manual_record Invoice Management
 fiber_manual_record Preparation of quote and proposals
 fiber_manual_record Market research & analysis
 fiber_manual_record Appointments handling
 fiber_manual_record Followups
 fiber_manual_record Manage incoming calls
 fiber_manual_record Ordering & tracking of raw material
 fiber_manual_record Surveys
 fiber_manual_record Email & Support tickets
 fiber_manual_record Budgeting & Forecasting


Take most out of Microsoft Excel

Excel has become the professional standard in offices across the globe for pretty much anything that requires management of data or records. Capability of Microsoft Excel are seemingly limitless, an intelligent use and design can undoubtly automate manual calculations performed by your staff for different purposes.

Promenics has deep knowledge & experience of developing applications in Excel to automate time conuming repeatitive tasks, meaningfully manipulate your data, create powerful reports, generation of PDFs and much more. We apply advance excel techniques so available time and resources can be optimally used:

 fiber_manual_record Writing complex Formulae
 fiber_manual_record Writing Macros with VB
 fiber_manual_record Power Query
 fiber_manual_record Power Pivot
 fiber_manual_record External Data Connections (APIs, mysql, ODBC etc)
 fiber_manual_record Web publishing on sharepoint, Promenics Reporting Module or on your intranet
 fiber_manual_record Sending email and SMS alerts
 fiber_manual_record Auto refesh of excel sheets (without opening & refreshing)
 fiber_manual_record View & edit rights management for collaboration within department or teams

Process Excellence

Our Control Process Management approach ensures that every part of our services associated with your process are closely monitored and appraised. This enables us to continously improve our services as well as our Clients' Experience. All issues faced are deeply analysed and promptly resolved.

Tasks Tracking

All activities are assigned, updated, monitored, followed-up and appraised with our online Task Manager. Task Manager sends regular alerts and reminders to all stakeholders.


Our online tasks management system monitors KPIs, Status of activities, issues, resolutions. We publish a live status online and conduct regular meetings with client for feedback and improvements.

Support Centre

Our experienced Support Centre Team resolves all queries raised by HR Team, Managers or employee's. Our online Support Centre is equipped with all tools to serve you optimally.

Account Manager

We assign a Dedicated Account Manager to all our client's who will know every detail of your account and be able to respond directly to your every need.


Outsourcing helps to make your business more flexible and agile, able to adapt to changing market conditions and challenges, while providing cost savings and service level improvements.

 fiber_manual_record Cost savings
 fiber_manual_record Increased efficiency
 fiber_manual_record Focus on core areas
 fiber_manual_record Outsourcing Can Handle Administration for Time-Consuming Tasks
 fiber_manual_record Save on Infrastructure and Technology Costs
 fiber_manual_record Access to skilled resources
 fiber_manual_record Time zone advantage
 fiber_manual_record Faster and better services