Fully managed HR Services for everything you need

For us nothing is unimportant, We will execute all tasks with attention to detail, freeing up your time to concentrate on what matters more for your business.

Leverage our services and expertise to extend your own. Our administrative services leverage best-practice processes and innovative technology solutions that enable employees, managers and HR professionals to acquire, develop, reward and manage their workforce effectively.

 fiber_manual_record Cost savings
 fiber_manual_record Increased efficiency
 fiber_manual_record Focus on core areas
 fiber_manual_record Outsourcing Can Handle Administration for Time-Consuming Tasks
 fiber_manual_record Save on infrastructure and technology
 fiber_manual_record Access to skilled resources
 fiber_manual_record Time zone advantage
 fiber_manual_record Faster and better services

Gain complete control with our integrated HR modules.

All modules configurable as per client's HR policies and managed by our experienced team, firms of any size can benefit from our outsourcing service.

With our presence in more than 20 countries, our Systems and Services have global reach and flexibility to meet the needs of small, medium, large or even multinational organizations.

Supporting your business at every level

We work as an extension of your inhouse team, supporting at different layers of your business. We target to manage all aspects of your HR operations, enabling you to spend your valuable time focusing on your strategic HR priorities.


Employees self-service portal enables them to perform & track day to day tasks on the fly. This gives employees flexibility & satisfaction as well as reduce burden on HR department.


Managers can monitor activities & respond requests of their subordinates, enhances collaboration and control.

HR Team

Powerful Admin portal provides organization wide view, dashboards & reports, providing all information for better visibility, control, analysis and decision making.

Finance Team

Provide access of employees related financial data to finance team to efficiently capture, reconcile, record and tailor for internal or external financial reporting.

Senior Management

Oversee activity of human capital from multiple angles. Use live dashboards and ready made reports providing deep analysis for decison making.

Process Excellence

Our Control Process Management approach ensures that every part of our services associated with your process are closely monitored and appraised. This enables us to continously improve our services as well as our Clients' Experience. All issues faced are deeply analysed and promptly resolved.

Tasks Tracking

All activities are assigned, updated, monitored, followed-up and appraised with our online Task Manager. Task Manager sends regular alerts and reminders to all stakeholders.


Our online tasks management system monitors KPIs, Status of activities, issues, resolutions. We publish a live status online and conduct regular meetings with client for feedback and improvements.

Support Centre

Our experienced Support Centre Team resolves all queries raised by HR Team, Managers or employees. Our online Support Centre is equipped with all tools to serve you optimally.

Account Manager

We assign a Dedicated Account Manager to all our clients who will know every detail of your account and be able to respond directly to your every need.