Increase efficiency, Accuracy, Lower your costs!

Firms of any size can benefit from the expertise of our outsourcing services. We are flexible, outsource us full or piece of your accounting or finance processes, our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Embedded in our service delivery we also aim to streamline your existing processes with automation and process simplification.

While we manage all on your behalf, you have got ample time to concentrate on what matters more for your Business to grow


Automated, Simplified and Managed.

Gain in-depth visibility of your financial data with our ready to deploy Systems, fully managed by our in house team.

Also we are equally comfortable providing accounting services on existing client-owned system. In fact, we provide many of client's with accounting services using their own accounting platforms, including Oracle, Netsuite, SAP, Xero, Quickbooks and others.

Process Excellance

Our Control Process Management approach ensures that every part of our services associated with accounting process are closely monitored and appraised. This enables us to continously improve our services as well as our Clients' Experience. All issues faced are deeply analysed and promptly resolved.

Tasks Tracking

All activities are assigned, updated, monitored, followed-up and appraised with our online Task Manager. Task Manager sends regular alerts and reminders to all stakeholders.


Our online tasks management system monitors KPIs, Status of activities, issues, resolutions. We publish a live status online and conduct regular meetings with client for feedback and improvements.

Support Centre

Our experienced Support Centre Team resolves all queries raised by HR Team, Managers or employee's. Our online Support Centre is equipped with all tools to serve you optimally.

Account Manager

We assign a Dedicated Account Manager to all our client's who will know every detail of your account and be able to respond directly to your every need.