1. Scoping

We analyze, work out your requirements and demonstrate, so you can develop a clear undertstanding and discuss deeply about the potential process.

2. Implementation

With agreed project plan and clear deadlines in mind, our team works dedicatedly for seemless data transportation to new systems as well as transformation to new process.

3. Regular Services

Our powerful Process Management portal provides a clear visibility process at great detail, KPIs and status to all stakeholders. Our help desk logs every request received from you and resolve your queries in the minimum time.

1. Scoping

We perform free of cost scoping study Prior to implementation of any solution or providing services. The purpose of scoping study is to formally set out requirements.This process takes between two and four days depending upon project size. The process is all about facilitation and your requirement-enhanced proximity.

1.1 Gathering Requirements

Discussion with your staff to fully understand your requirements. This can be done at your premises or over web meeting.

1.2 Internal Analysis and Design

Our consultants carefully analyze your requirements, demonstrate on how to make process efficient and where to save costs.

1.3 Deliver detailed Demonstration

Promenics will deliver a formal presentation and a report, you will have the benefit to discuss any questions you may have with our consultants.

1.4 Contract

You will have the flexibility to use our report to explore other options or vendors. Once you are satisfied and decide to go with Promenics a formal contract will be signed.

2. Implementation

Implementation phase starts as soon as scope phase is successfully concluded. It commences by agreeing a project plan with client & publishing it online for better visibility and tracking. Implementation phase involves five major steps.

2.1 Data Gathering

Clients can either provide data in the format they are maintaining or We can share templates with client to fill in the data. Promenics team will consolidate & convert data into required format for further process.

2.2 Data Cleansing and Validation

We perform a robust exercise to analyze and validate data. This includes but not limited to checking for duplication, error, format, missing values, matching with source data etc

2.3 System Configurations

It involves 2 steps:
 fiber_manual_record Configure Promenics system as per client’s policies & procedures.
 fiber_manual_record Data Entry into the system.

2.4 Parallel Run

For a pre-agreed period Promenics provides services parallel to your existing process, match results, discuss and if required, makes adjustment in the system.

2.5 Go Live

It involves:
 fiber_manual_record Create and agree annual timetable for activities involved.
 fiber_manual_record Send Go Live communication to employee's.

3. Regular Services

We build an easy, scalable, and highly available user experience for our client's.

3.1 Our Services

All services are provided as outlined in Responsibility Matrix agreed with client which enlists all service respective activities, steps to perform, responsible, expected dates and related internal controls etc.

3.2 Tasks Tracking

All activities are assigned, updated, monitored, followed-up and appraised with our online Task Manager. Task Manager sends regular alerts and reminders to all stakeholders.

3.3 KPIs

Our online tasks management system monitors KPIs, status of activities, issues, resolutions. We publish a live status online and conduct regular meetings with client for feedback and improvements.

3.4 Account Manager

We assign a Dedicated Account Manager to all our client's who will know every detail of their account and be able to respond directly.

3.5 Support Centre

Our experienced Support Centre Team resolves all queries raised by HR Team, Managers or employee's as per SLAs. Our online Support Centre is equipped with all tools to serve you optimally.