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We follow a systematic stepwise process to deliver our System and Services:
1. Define your requirements

We invite you to please Define Your Requirements through our website. This information will be routed to the appropriate person.

  • Select Modules
  • Select Services
  • Select Deployments options
  • Mention number of Users and Location
  • Tailor Support plan

 System Modules
Expense Claims
Petty Cash
Advances & Loans
Incentives & Benefits
Policies & Procedures
Staff Planner
By Mode:

By Level:
System Administrator
Managers (HR & Finance)
 Outsourced Services
Transactions Processing
Staff Management
System Management

You will receive a response from us within one to two business days.

2. Receive quote You will receive a quote from us online or if your requirements are unique our sales representative will contact you to discuss further and provide you a quote.
3. Our demonstration to you according to your requirement As quickly you request us for a demonstration we will configure a demo system according to your requirements and deliver presentation to you online or face to face, as appropriate. This demo will give an overview how system and services will work togetter in your business environment. During this presentation you will have a benefit to discuss questions with our consultant arise in your mind.
4. Contract Once you’re satisfied and decide to go with Promenics, a formal contract will be signed
5. Deployment and Configuration

As soon as contract will sign we will configure system as per your organizational heirarchy as well as HR and Finance policies. Please see following sample planning document which will give you an overview of stages and duration of system roll-out:


6. Training Training is provided according to user's role, System Administrator, Managers (HR and Finance) or staff members...Read More...
7. Execution & your feedback Even during the execution of project, Promenics is flexible to make improvements through your feedback and own experiences.
8. Client care & support Promenics provides a dedicated support service to their clients. Our Job Tracking System (JTS) monitors the status of work with all issues and resolutions being documented, trends identified and response times measured in order to continuously improve our processes and services and keep our client up to date with the status of their assignment.


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